Weathering market turbulence to deliver superior performance.

Our Philosophy

Consistent Alpha

We believe that investing is a marathon, not a sprint. We utilize an investment approach that seeks to minimize large drawdowns and provide a high batting average of positive returns year after year.

Uncorrelated Returns

We strive to offer our clients peace of mind. We employ diverse market-neutral investment strategies to navigate all types of market conditions so that we are never swayed by the weather.


Our mission is to serve our clients with the utmost integrity. We uphold reduced performance fees, monthly liquidity, and complete transparency in order to put our investors first.

Our Strategies

Condor Fund

A market-neutral, low volatility equity alternative that seeks to captures risk premia by selling index call and put spreads.

Condor Overlay Fund

An overlay version of the Condor Fund strategy that seeks to enhance risk-adjusted returns and reduce portfolio volatility.

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